Since 2015, Benki Group is specialised in offering to different groups of individuals, financial solutions available online 24 hours from a mobile phone or computer.

Our technology platform has automated the entire credit process from concession to return.

More than 500,000 people used our credit services of small amount.

Our brands

Savso.es offers in the Spanish market, small online loans with weekly fixed repayments (13 weeks and 17 weeks), facilitating the return to customers, with a weekly micro repayment.

Our solution is a responsible and sustainable alternative to typical payday and payday style lending.

milinea.es is a small 12 months online credit line accessible from the mobile or computer, easy to use and immediately available, targetting the young public.

We are the first credit experience for young people who are entering the labor market, with a financial solution tailored to their needs.

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